Disconnect the battery. Remove the front & rear lighting. Remove the lower front plastic airflow guide & the front part of the front inner wheel arch liners. Remove the front & rear bumpers. Remove the lightweight aluminium upper front "slam" panel & rubber edging strip. Part of the headlight support frame will have to be cut back with an angle grinder, to accommodate the headlight " buckets". You may wish to remove the front bumper support , depending on how you decide to fill the grille aperture. 

For the front you will need to choose your own 7" headlights. Cut outs have already been made , in the front panel, to accomodate them. Several styles are available. Indicators are also needed as are sidelights, unless they are incorporated within the headlamp bowls.. Fog lights are optional.

You will need to research & buy retro style rear lighting. Reversing lights & a third stop light are optional.


Max ,    in mm   :  W=width    H=height     D=depth

including a small margin for error

Front panel  :  W  1640  H  500   D  600     weight  6.5kg

Rear  panel   :  W  1680  H  520  D  680     weight  7.0kg

Boot lid  :  W  1080  H   110  D  660           weight  6.0kg7"


You will need to prepare the panels for primer & final body colour  and also cut holes for  front indicators  ( & side lights if neccessary ) and the the rear lighting including number plate illumination. The standard MX5 number plate/boot lillumination units will fit.  Always wear protective equipment when working with & cutting glassfibre. The panels have a good smooth finish with no " flash lines " to fill or smooth down. You may wish to make adjustments to  fit & finish of edges & corners

Bolt & screw the new panels in place.  Most of the fixing points are the same as for the standard bumpers. Fit & connect  the lighting. Seek assistance from a qualified auto-electrician to ensure that connectors, insulation & fixing of the wiring & "earthing" are to the correct specification . Create  " funnelling" to direct frontal airflow to the radiator. Lightweight aluminium sheet is probably the easiest material to work with. Fit the grille of your choice . Re-fix number plates. Re-connect the battery

My first customer, John has started a blog for his build :


Thanks John


FOOTNOTE  on  Health & Safety

We do not consider ourselves to be qualified to offer advice on safe working practices. If you are not confident that you can work safely & competently  to effect all aspects of this simple conversion; then you should engage experts to complete the work for you. Working with power tools, vehicle jacks & automotive materials is hazardous.